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Hi there

Welcome. You’ve stumbled across the notepad of Miriam Lyons, an Australian policy analyst, writer and loudmouth who hates writing about herself in the third person…

Relevant things to know about me: My most recent paid gig was a seven-year stint as the Executive Director of the Centre for Policy Development, an Australian think-tank. I spent much of 2014 working on Governomics with Ian McAuley. My current projects are keeping me occupied, but I’m also looking for ideas on what to get stuck into next. If there are world-changing people/projects/organisations that you think I should work with, I’d love to hear from you.*

For more background info, there’s a wikipedia post of questionable notability about me here, links to some of my past writing here and links to some past speeches and media appearances here. And there’s some re-posted content from my old Möbius Strip site buried in the archives. I also occasionally swing by twitter, linkedin and Facebook.

*I can be reached at myfirstname.mylastname AT gmail.com

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