I spy with my little eye, something beginning with P

Those crazy kids at Freeport mine in West Papua have been playing I Spy – not on their competitors but local activists. The New-Orleans based mining company set up a fake environmental group to try to capture the passwords of local environmentalists so they could read their emails. They’ve apparently been working closely with Indonesian military intelligence (BIN). BIN is believed to have orchestrated the assassination of human rights activist Munir. Garuda’s deadly upgrade, a film about BIN’s alleged involvement in Munir’s assassination, was one of the films mentioned by DFAT/the Australia Indonesia Institute when explaining their recent decision to cut off funding to the Jakarta International Film Festival (see below).

There’s a link to the original New York Times report on Freeport’s experiment with espionage, as well as a stub of an article on Freeport, over at sourcewatch.


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