After Luck

Should we welcome the end of the mining boom? 

My Festival of Dangerous Ideas talk:

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I’ll be posting references and links here shortly. In the meantime:

  • Check out Gadrian Hoosan & Nancy McDinny’s petition on the McArthur river mine at
  • Amanda Cahill from the Centre for Social Change in Brisbane can be found here
  • And the whole ‘Under the Dome’ documentary is on youtube with English subtitles – well worth a watch!

Big thanks to Jess, Ian & Dan for their feedback on my draft & to Jason for the filming. Thanks to Gadrian for the spontaneous interview, to Amanda for the great ideas, & to Carlo for the footage I’ll be featuring next time around, and apologies to Conrad for not being able to squeeze his line into the session!

On another note, I strongly endorse my fellow FODI speakers’ critique of Australia’s refugee policy in general and of the views of St James Ethics Centre board member Andrew James Molan in particular. See