Editor for hire

Thanks to Gavin Tapp for the photoI’m looking for a bit of paid editing work, so it’s time to put up my shingle.

What I’m good at:

  • A quick bit of slick proofreading. Just want me to check it for clangers, spruce it up and send it straight back? Can do.
  • Making tired prose sing. Seriously, I can take a slapdash bit of text and make it sit up and serenade the sky. Give me leave, and I’ll be much more hands-on than most editors.
  • Making academic prose readable by non-experts, without sacrificing meaning or accuracy.
  • Whipping weak arguments into shape. Are you happy with your writing style, but in need of a fresh pair of eyes to look over your work to see if you’ve repeated yourself, contradicted yourself, or left any gaping holes in the flow of your argument? This is one of my favourite jobs. If you want the full-service treatment I can also act as a research assistant, checking facts or tracking down and summarising additional sources to strengthen your evidence base.
  • Major structural edits. Are you lost in the middle of an endless meandering draft? You know your argument is in there somewhere, but it’s buried beneath layers of late-night re-writes? Want me to summarise what you’ve written, tell you what I think you’re trying to say, and offer some pointers on how to get from A to B? No worries!

Things I’m less good at:

  • Leaving specific technical jargon in place if I think a plain-English alternative can do the job. If you just want someone to spell-check your latest Elsevier journal submission, then you’re probably better off giving it to your grad student!
  • Editing out split infinitives and other such grammatical nit-picking. I have the instincts of a speechwriter and I’m willing to break the odd rule if it sounds good.

I specialise in non-fiction, especially progressive political non-fiction. I prefer working on shorter texts such as articles, essays, reports and book chapters. I spent seven years leading a multi-issue think tank in Australia, so I have a strong understanding of a wide range of policy issues and debates.

If this sounds like the kind of editor you’re after, please contact me at my gmail address (miriam.lyons@…)

A few words from some happy customers:

“Miriam provides a succinct and skilled diagnosis with a fast, transformative job. If you want your case put better, the right way up, hand it over to Miriam Lyons.” Sarah Chisholm, Manager, Resource Recovery Australia

“Miriam quickly grasps the subject matter. Quick, both in time taken and turnaround, she delivers a particularly lucid result ” John Weate, Executive Officer, Great Lakes Community Resources