preview_PreviewGovernomics: Can we afford small government? by Ian McAuley & Miriam Lyons. Melbourne University Press, May 2015. You can order it here (hot tip – postage is free via MUP if you order two books, even from overseas).

What did the public sector ever do for us?

People have good reason to demand decent public education and a well-funded health system, to yearn for an economy that doesn’t trash the environment or for a smaller gap between rich and poor. Almost without exception, sound economics is on their side.

We’ve grown used to public debates that pit people and the planet against an abstract, distorted image of ‘the economy’, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Governomics shows that an emaciated state is bad for business, and that standing up for government means standing up for good government – a public sector that truly serves the public.

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Upcoming events:

  • Ian McAuley at the Brisbane Writers Festival – September 2-6 (details TBC)
  • Me at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas – September 5-6 (details TBC)

Media highlights:

Governomics on the road:

Ian and myself talked about Governomics at these events:

  • Paperchain, Canberra – 5:45 for 6pm, Thursday 14 May.
  • LAUNCH at Readings Carlton, Melbourne – Tuesday 19 May, with Van Badham, Ged Kearney and Tom Quinn
  • Stanton Library, North Sydney – 1pm, Friday 22 May.
  • Avid Reader, West End, Brisbane, 27 May.
  • Gleebooks, Sydney – 6-8pm, Tuesday 2 June. MC’d by Jane Caro, introduced by John Menadue. To be broadcast on Radio National’s Big Ideas program – I’ll link to it when it’s up.
  • The Wheeler Centre, Melbourne – 5.45pm for 6.15pm, Tuesday 9 June, in conversation with Sally Warhaft. Podcast available here.